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Digital sound output issue with UHD 8500 Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 24-11-2020 01:01 PM)
First Poster

I have a Samsung 8500 TV, new just installed. I have a problem with the digital optical audio output.


I have connected the TV to my amplifier via the digital optical audio output, changed the sound output on the sound menu from ‘tv speakers’ to  ‘digital optical audio’ in the sound menu and it works fine. Yay!


But not all the time, ***** it.


If, for example, I chose some channels ‘on demand’ via the Virgin Media box, I have no sound. If I switch that programme back to tv speakers, it’s fine.


On some channels, recordings, live TV it's fine. On others not. This is all via the Virgin box. 


Surely the digital sound output should either work or not?


Why would the digital optical sound output work in some circumstances and not others, depending on what we are watching?


Any ideas?  Many thanks!