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Currys say that Samsung warranty no good

(Topic created on: 22-11-2021 08:02 AM)

Yesterday, I visited Currys as I wanted to purchase a Samsung TV. The Samsung TV I was looking at carries a five-year warranty which is why I was fixated with that product.

Currys staff told me that the Samsung five-year warranty is not as good as their own (no surprise there then!).

They said that if I call Samsung directly, they can take up to 28 days for the initial visit and then they may choose to charge me for the labour element of the warranty. When I asked where this was documented they said on the Samsung website. Not being sure whether this was true or false, I didn’t go ahead with the purchase because to purchase the product before reading the T&Cs would be unwise and I’m sure that would be the conclusion if I complained after the sale.

I was further concerned that Currys were now trying to sell me a second insurance policy which goes against everything that the FCA advise.

I have read the Samsung warranty online and cannot see anywhere that they charge any element of the callout or repair, but I also can’t see what their service level is either i.e., is it 28 days?

Currys also said that if we take their policy, it’s still Samsung that come out to visit but now, they’re obliged to do that in seven days or you get a replacement.

It seems odd that I would buy a TV with a five-year manufacturer guarantee (which I prefer) and then add another layer on top of that for extra cost with a Currys guarantee that is underpinned by the manufacturer guarantee that Currys is advising me not to buy.

The whole thing seems like it’s mis-guiding customers leading to mis-selling products. The more I questioned the more the salesman disengaged. The Samsung rep on site was a total waste of time. He wasn’t bothered about questions he was only bothered about the end sale.


@inspectorGadget21: Our standard warranty runs for 12 months from the purchase date, with the extended 5 year warranty only being available via participating retailers. I've looked into this for you, and Currys don't appear to be listed as a participating retailer in this promotion (see below)

Our warranty covers manufacture defects, software and hardware, but not instances of physical or liquid damage. We do aim to reach customers as soon as possible, usually within 7-10 days of raising a fault, however this does depend on the availability of engineers in your area, and their pre-existing schedules. 


Thanks. If you see the link below, you can see it clearley says 5 years and in store its 5 years manufacturer......can you point me to a list where the 5 year warranty is supported


In the end I purchased the TV from Marks Electrical.

Marks Electrical appear on the five-year Samsung warranty list and they were considerably cheaper than Currys. Although I could have gone back to Currys and claim the price promise, there is an element of trust and faith I lost in them.

Their focus was very clearly selling their own warranty and it felt like they would have told me anything to achieve that goal.

The only thing that they’ve gained is one less customer who will go on to tell the wrong story about Currys.

My view is that my heart was already set on a Samsung TV. The only other choice to make was where I purchased that TV. Currys lost out, not Samsung!


I'm having the same problem and have purchased the TV based on the Currys advertised 5 year warranty. Are Currys wrongly advertising this? 


Samsung publish a list of resellers that can offer the Samsung 5 year warranty. Currys are not on it. 

Samsung say Currys opt out of the manufacturer warrantly so they can sell their own but currys are advertising the manufacturer guarantee but tell you its not very good. The Samsung rep in store was hopeless