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Crystal UHD series 8 white screen

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So I had an issue yesterday with my tv having an all white screen when I turned it on. I tried to hit the home button and that will not bring up the menu. I can see when I change the volume because that will display but no other button on the remote nor on the tv will show anything besides that all white screen. This makes it impossible to troubleshoot the problem. I left it unplugged for about an hour to try and see if that would help and it did not. Then I left it on for about three hours and the screen became more of a brownish white. I doubt anyone has had this problem before but just wanted to see if anyone has ideas. 


@AJ_Chapin: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. If you're unable to access the menus, and if the problem persisted following a power cycle, then I recommend reaching out to our AV Team via the link below, where an advisor will be able to assist you further, and arrange any necessary repairs.

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