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Crackling sound from Samsung TV & soundbar

(Topic created on: 26-03-2020 07:48 PM)
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I've connected my Samsung 55Q8F TV to HW-650W soundbar and it's making noises like in the video below(Vinyl crackling sounds). The TV itself is connected to my PC(Win 10). I've been enjoying the sounds for a year but in the recent weeks I've noticed the sound cracking at certain places of a music or even "Run as administrator" opening window. The cracking sound is really short, lasts less than a second(rarely more), but I've been listening to a music daily and at certain songs it's more common and even more annoying.
The thing is, that is happening only when I am using the PC mode and running sounds from it, else- the TV Youtube app or even connected via bluetooth to my phone and playing the music, all seems to be clean and fine.


Things I've tried:

1. Reinstalled windows in general
2. Updated drivers(All, sound including)
3. Tried a few HDMI cables(connected via ARC) and even optical cable
4. Removed all sound enhancements, removed exclusive control of programs

5. Software update of 1230 was the solution for most of users I've read around. Yet mine is at 1290(The latest is 1290.4), but the TV says I am all up to date.
6. Tried unplugging my soundbar, the TV is making the same crackling sounds itself, so the TV must be the issue, not the soundbar but I am willing to use both connected in the future, so they both must work as they should. I also tried Youtube app on the TV with just it's speakers, all was clear and smooth, not a single crackling sound.

7. Tried self-diagnosis, TV ran the sound test, I haven't heard anything wrong during it and I did it multiple times.

So the PC mode, when running Windows- only then the issue appears.But like I said, earlier I had no issues...




Link for the sound example of my issue:

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Any answers to this question? Or did you find any solutions. Mine is doing it as well.