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Connecting headphones to TV


Dear All,


I just bought a Samsung TV UE40J6240. 

I would like to connect my wireless headphones to the TV permanently but when I do that the TV the speakers are turned off.

Is there a way to have my headphones connected to the TV permanently and still have the TV speakers working?


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




Hello and welcome, @Amots!


Let's give this a try: Menu > System > Accessibility > Multi-output Audio.


Multi-output Audio.PNG


Hope this helps! 


Dear KellyM


Thanks for the reply.

Unfrtunately this option is grayed out on my TV so is not accesible.


Are there ay other solutions?


Best regards




Hi Amots,


Did you have your headphones connected when you tried this? Can you also make sure the TV is on the TV Source when selecting this option.


Let us know how it goes!


Dear Kelly


I tried it on TV mode both with headphone connected and disconnected and the option is still grayed out.


If I connect the TV to a DVD player with the audio optical cable will the speakers work?


Is there another solution for the headphones?






We're not sure why the Multi-output Audio isn't working for you, @Amots. Do you have the TV in a certain mode, or any other sound devices connected? 


Let's try resetting the sound settings and checking for this option again, go to: Menu > Sound > Reset Sound.


Can you tell us more about how you have your DVD Player connected to the TV? If you would like the sound to travel through the TV Speakers, connecting the DVD Player by HDMI will allow this.




Dear Kelly


I have no other audio device connected to my TV. Only one decoder is connected to one HDMI input.


I reset the sound settings. Put the TV in TV mode and tried the multi-output option. Still grayed out and when I choose it, it tell me this option is not avialable. If I do connect the headphone to the TV the option is still grayed out.


I do have to mention that my headphone are not Samsung made. They are made by Sennheiser. Not sure if it matters but just thought I should say.


Is there something else I should try? Is the multi-output option suppose to work for all TVs? If so should I go back to the shop I bought it from?


I  chated twice with a Samsung representative online and both times they told me that once the headphones are connected there will be no sound from the speakers so maybe that is the case?


Thanks so much for the effort up to now and I hope you have some other solutions for me.


Looking forward to your reply,



Hi @Amots,


Just to confirm, are you connecting your headphones to the TV via Bluetooth? The Multi-output Audio feature can only be used with wireless headphones. If the headphones are connected with a wire, the TV speakers will mute automatically.


Here's a snippet from the User Manual that might help:

Bluetooth Headphones.PNG




Dear Kelly


I am connected to the headphones with a wire so I guess the speakers will never work.


I think I have two options here:


Either buy bluetooth headphone or connect the TV via HDMI to a DVD player and connect the headphones to the player.


Please just confirm that this is correct and if it is I would like to thank you for all your help.




*scratches chin* Unsure of the specifications of the DVD player you're thinking of, @Amots, so unsure if it'll act as an effective middle-man here. But, yes, those would be your two options here. 

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