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Connecting headphones to TV


Dear All,


I just bought a Samsung TV UE40J6240. 

I would like to connect my wireless headphones to the TV permanently but when I do that the TV the speakers are turned off.

Is there a way to have my headphones connected to the TV permanently and still have the TV speakers working?


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,






Maybe a silly question but if you connect the headphones to the headphone jack socket on the TV, is the optical output also disabled along with the TV speakers? That might be an option also. 

Incidentally, I would like to know for my own purposes as well.


Dear  NS999


Unfortunately I do not use the optical output and have never tried it so cannot answer your question.




Hi I’m having difficulty trying to connect beats to a Samsung tv I’m on the Bluetooth audio devices and it won’t pair up where specifically do I have to put the beats near the tv?


Hi @Michoob.


Best Bluetooth range should be within 10 meters (and no barriers between the devices). Which models of TV and Beats do you have? Any issues with Bluetooth connection on either of them with other devices?

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I had same problem ,if you fit a toslink to av adaptor to a bluetooth transmitter,it will work. Because the spdif output is always available.You can also buy a small module called a BT _029 look it up on the nett It does both

ex china for $20


I only have 20% hearing and I have a samsung UE43NU7020 tv  which has neither audio out (phono type sockets ) or min jack 3.5mm,after many experiments i found a Digital to Analog Audio Hifi Headphone Amplifier With Toslink (optical) input,( on EBAY) this has a headphone volume control which works independently of the tv volume.Now i can hear the tv programmes  .

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