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Compatibility between Samsung TV and SKY Q Box

(Topic created on: 21-04-2022 10:48 PM)

I have a 2020 Samsung QE49Q80T TV and Samsung Q800T Soundbar. 

I believe there is a software issue between the Sky Q box and the Samsung TV. The sound drops out regularly on programmes watched through the Sky Box.

The Sky Q box has been replaced 3 times and the TV once but drop outs are still there.

Watched a Netflix programme on Sky Q and the sound dropped out 12 times. Then watched Netflix on terrestrial and there were no sound drop outs.

Sky + HD Box had no problems.

There is clearly a software glitch on Sky Q that conflicts with Samsung TV’s.

There are 31 pages on the Sky Community website on sound dropping out on Sky Q s and several of these mention compatibility with Samsung TV’s.

The Sky engineer cannot correct a software issue which he believes is the problem and needs a discussion between both technical departments.

Anyone else with the same problem?

Also the sound bar sits under the TV and projects sound upwards. I an getting a slight ghosting on the TV which I believe comes from the magnets on the sound bar. Again, anyone with the same issue?



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I too have problems with my Sky Q box, new 2020 Samsung Q95 75" tv and the new Sonos Ark sound bar. I've given up after several hours on support lines and online researching. The problems are that the Samsung TV will only work in normal sound (not Dolby Digital) and added to that there is lip sync problems. It seems that none of them, Sky, Samsung or Sonos, will take ownership and solve the issue. I've decided to return the Sonos Arc to the retailer and having read the issues others are having have decided against buying the Samsung sound system as that also has problems with Sky Q.

I'm returning to listening to the TV through it's own speaker system which is adequate although I'd like a proper surround sound system


Do you have the latest version of the Sky Q box (v3, all black) horshamhector? If you haven't already, have a look at the 40-page thread on the Sky Community about sound drop outs -


The upshot is that it's a known issue to Sky and is being investigated, but there's no easy fix. It seems to affect many different brands of TV and sound system, with the common denominator being the Sky Q box.

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Hi Bez, I’m assuming you managed to get sorted with this; however, I wanted to post a reply as I had this exact same issue this week and spent hours on the phone to Sky and Samsung with no joy, only to find a solution for this myself. I’m not suggesting it will work for everyone BUT , on my sky Q box I had always used the one HDMI port that we knew about and this is actually a HDMI IN port… it turns out there are a couple of ‘hidden’ ports on the back , covered with rubber bungs/blanking plates… in our case we located an Ethernet port and a HDMI OUT port !! When we used the HDMI OUT port everything fired into life exactly as it should have ! 

apparently all the newer Sky Q boxes only have one HDMI port which is an OUT port but mine is probably around 5 years old. I’ve seen hundreds of threads just like yours and I was ready to give up as there didn’t appear to be any resolution that was going to work for us. Replying here just in case others , like me, find themselves here in their hunt for answers!