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Community Policy on Dangerous DIY/Unorthodox Repair Advice

(Topic created on: 01-02-2019 01:07 PM)

Hi all.


In the interests of customer safety we’re going for a stricter enforcement of the Community Terms of Service 2.8 rule:


2. Acceptable Use


You must not upload any content that includes any of the following inappropriate content:


8. Advice that, if followed, could result in bodily injury, harm or an offence.


Whilst we appreciate the self-help spirit and ingenuity of Community users, the above rule applies to any unofficially advised opening up of a Samsung product's casing to tamper with the internal components; or any other dangerous repair advice.


Whether your product is in or out of the manufacturer warranty, in the event of any problems with it that can't be solved by our advised troubleshooting, we would always urge Samsung users to contact their local Support; and/or have their product inspected and repaired by an approved Samsung engineer or technician.


That isn’t about profiteering. That’s about ensuring any work carried out on your Samsung product is up to our standards for safety and quality - even beyond the warranty.


We can’t stop you from finding or carrying out unorthodox DIY solutions that present a significant risk to your or others’ safety  – but we can’t have them being posted or linked to on here.


As such we will:


  • Remove all dangerous, unofficial DIY advice that involves opening a product’s casing and tampering with the internal electronics and components, or any other dangerous repair advice.


  • Remove any links to the above said dangerous advice.


  • Persistence in posting said above dangerous advice on the Community, or arguing about it with a Moderator, will result in the user being banned. We at Samsung place a higher priority on consumer safety than on financial gain/savings or how clever we are. If you want to be part of this Community then you should too.