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Chromecast does not work with my 2014 Samsung th

(Topic created on: 26-12-2020 07:05 AM)
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UN40H5203 samsung tv model 2014


I am beyond frustrated. This week I was being tossed like a ball between Google Home dept and chromecast and Samsung to realize of course with my own forum relentless research that  2014 40" tv's do NOT have Anynet +. So I can not use voice commands via my mini google speaker. So bummed. As far as why my 2012 old tv works fine with chromecast it is because it has Anynet +.


The samsung reps I spoke with say it is a gliche as it still needs to be google assistant compatible. I dont think so.  They all lie or dont know.


So was told to reset my 2014 tv. Took 3 days to update apps. Yes days. Was told bad internet speed. I have 50 mbps. It is this slow tv when it all comes down to as Netflix takes 3 minutes to load. I guess $400 is not enough money to get a decent tv. And btw YouTube was gone. Found it hidden behind 200 others small never heard of apps. Sneaky!