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Change channel list UK - terrestrial TV - QE49Q70RATXXU

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We have gone back to terrestrial TV from Freeview directly through the TV, and it annoys me quite a lot that I can't change the order of the Channels, as I don't find the order they come in very useful to our needs.


Having searched on Google, I found several threads about this, but none of the recommended solutions work for me.


I'm unable to 'enable' change channel list under Expert settings, edit channel list only allows me to lock or delete channels, not edit the number. I have tried to download the file and edit list through, but it's not recognising the series.


Our TV is: QE49Q70RATXXU


Is it simply the case that for UK Freeview through Terrestrial I'm unable to change the list and have to live with the order they come in? Just seem very strange.

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