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Cast to TV not available only screen mirroring

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Ive recently purchased a UE65SK8000 TV and on other TVs I've owned apps like Disney Life, BT Sport and YouTube have had the cast to button in the top right and pressing it cast that content to the TV while letting me use my phone (e.g. browse the web) without that interrupting or being cast.


Since switching to this TV the cast buttons are greyed out (on Samsung S8) and the only way I can cast to TV is by using the screen mirror function which is far worse quality than casting.


Anyone have any ideas why this is happening or how to resolve? The tv has YouTube and Disney apps installed on it but sometimes it's easier to find on phone.  Software on phone and tv is all up to date. 


Many thanks 





You can start by emptying the cache of your TV we press the power button for 30 sec until the TV turns off and on, and if the problem persists you can go through an electrical reset of your internet box and your TV.


Hi @cparker347. How did you get on with @7alhoul's suggestion? 

@AntS it will be work 😀

I'm afraid I tried this, but made no impact at all.


@cparker347: No worries. How are you doing the mirroring? For example, are you using Smart View? Wi-Fi Direct?

I have the exact same problem, have a cheap Vizio TV here that works, but the 2018 Samsung TV only does screen mirroring... Drama! Any solution? 


After the new pie ui update  on note 9  screen cast has disappeared only shows screen mirror, use use alot now can't which annoying. Samsung smarts view  and smarts thing app has something do with it. Wish they fix it and support the cast function. 

It has to do with Samsung trying to push you to use their app. But in the same time seems they got rid of screen casting alltogether. I haven't been able to fix it and bought a Chrome Cast... it's really unfortunate, but it works.

Had response from Samsung  they stopped casting feature in new update which is really annoying !! Only can screen mirror and that seems limited and sluggish. Will be try restoring my phone back to oreo 

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