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Cast to my Smansung TV

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Hello, I've been reading that some people have the same issue, I used to be able to cast (not screen mirroring) from my phone (android) to my tv, like play a video on youtube on the TV from my phone, but I could still use my phone normally. Then that changed so we could just screen mirroring, back then (like 10 months ago) I read that it was due to an update from Samsung TVs, so I just let it go.


So now, my question is related with the fact that sometimes I am still able to just cast, but is pretty random, like 4 weeks ago we did cast as before, then 1 week after that we couldn't do it anymore, then a couple of days after that we cast again and again it does not work. Is this a normal behavior on my Tv? Is it possible to make the cast to be permanent again?


In advance thank you for the help.

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