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Cannot launch my SamsungTV apps on the TV for testing purposes.

(Topic created on: 02-06-2022 11:35 AM)
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Hi all, 


so, I've been struggling a lot with getting my Samsung App to launch on the TV. I always get the error 

error: target not found
error: serial number ' device' wrong
but I am almost certain that I entered this information correctly, as I am already connected to the TV via the device-manager.
I am a MAC user.
I installed Tizen Studio on my mac, then I downloaded (under Extension SDK)
Web app. development
TV Extension Tools
Web app. tools
I installed Tizen Studio on my mac, then I downloaded (under Main SDK)
Baseline SDK
Certificate Manager
Emulator manager
and then Web app. development (IDE) and Web app. development (IDE) for multiple devices 
I connected the TV via device manger
I downloaded the Tizen Web and tizentv extensions for Visual Studio Code and added the parameters for the WAPPL extension.
I also created a certificate.
I can build the app and create the .wgt package via Visual Studio when doing Tizen Web: Build Tizen App. 
When I right-click the device in the device manager and choose 'Permit to install applications' it says
'No certification profile for permit to install was found in the workspace. 
Please open the Certificate Manager through the link below.
After creating and activating a samsung certificate profile, close the Certificate Manager and click the Retry buttin.'
I checked the certificate I created and mine says 'Verified by: Tizen Public Distributor CA' - but not Samsung. I tried multiple other solutions and I am not able to create a Samsung one. (Anyways, I am not sure if this would solve the problem anyways.)
When I right-click the device in the device manager and choose 'Install app' it let's me choose an app and I can choose the prior created .wgt package. However, it doesn't install the app, at least nothing happens on the TV.
I know for sure that it can work on MAC, because I know someone working on a MAC and it works for him. He was also taking a look at my setup and he was also not ready to find anything wrong with it. 
Is there someone who could help me with that or might have an idea that could solve this problem?
Any help is greatly appreciated.