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Cannot get anybody at Samsung investigate missing delivery on the promotion

(Topic created on: 05-01-2024 08:42 AM)
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I bought a Samsung Frame 65" back in September 2023. The item was running on a promotion: when getting a Frame, you can then get one free Samsung product.

I registered a review and got a confirmation that I'm eligible for receiving the product. The original promise was maximum 40 days delay of receiving the product after being accepted. The original time of delivery was around mid-November.

Then (around start of November) I get an email saying the delivery would be delayed without any new timeline. I waited a month and there is no need timeline. At the end of December I contacted Samsung asking for details. Their only response was that they reached out to the delivery company responsible for the campaign. I received no proof of that, nor have gotten any confirmation from the delivery company or any new communication.

I am getting impatient and feel scammed. I would like somebody from Samsung to properly look into the issue and provide me with a new timeline.

Email about the delayed delivery (subject line): Samsung - Delayed delivery [#109601]

The email was sent on November 17th without any further communication.



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Promotions are run by third party companies and usually it's while stocks last.
As with anything, it's worth carefully going through the Terms and Conditions of the promotion.
If you didn't purchased with Samsung directly, it maybe worth contacting the retailer.
If you are in the UK, try sending a direct message to @Sam_UK
It's possible they may have a contact for you to try.