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Can't use Sonos and Bluetooth headset with my UE55mu7070

(Topic created on: 26-05-2018 12:30 PM)
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I've got a tricky problem

Using a bluetooth headset means I can't use my Sonos sound system with my TV - turning my Sonos Playbase into an 800 euro TV stand.

I have a ue55mu7070, a Sonos playbar coupled by optical, and a Jabra bluetooth headset.

They all work and connect (not easy to get working but they can be set up)

Usually all the sound goes through optical to my Sonos. At night I like to use a bluetooth headset which is why I got a bluetooth enabled TV.

However I can't use the headset because of this issue. Using a bluetooth headset means I can't use my Sonos, here's why:

If I turn on my headset I get the TV popup asking me if I want to use the headset

I click yes and it connects fine. However when I  stop using the headset and turn it off I have a problem with my Sonos. The smart remote no longer controls the sonos so I can't change volume or mute - or unmute (note I have to manually mute the sonos while the headset is on so I don't get sound out of both headset and sonos). So no sound for me!

Sorry this is complex:

I know what the issue is (I think) the smart remote uses bluetooth to talk to the tv and doesn't usually do IR. When you configure the Sonos for use in the TV the Smart remote IR function is activated meaning I can control the Sonos. WHen bluetooth is used for the headset the TV logically switches to using BT to talk to the headset and to control volume and mute etc.

And here is the issue (finally) when you turn the headset off 2 things happen

1 sound returns to the tv speakers (which I don't use)

2 the remote does not switch IR back on and so can't control the Sonos any more.


To get it back again I need to do a complete Sonos reinstall which takes 5 minutes of button pressing if get it all right first time. Nobody wants to do that every time they turn off their bluetooth headset!


I hope you have a solution - I had a long call with Sonos support and they said they could not help. Perhaps there is an easy way to tell the tv to stop using BT before I turn the headset off and return it to using IR/Sonos??

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Same problem with "the frame" 55" 2019 and sonos beam. I cannot use bluetooth earbuds because they work for a couple of seconds and then the sonos start again via hdmi arc. 

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Same problem with a Q70T 2020 and Sonos Beam. 
@samsung please provide a solution