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Can’t pair smart remote to TV


I asked a question the other day regarding my TV not connecting to my soundbar, now I can't connect to my smart remote so I'm wondering if I have an issue with the TV's Bluetooth? 


from my understanding the remote initially uses the IR sender to connect then uses Bluetooth to connect to all devices? 

As previously mentioned I can't connect my Bluetooth soundbar, I'm having to use an optical cable, and now the remote, so is there a way to reset the TV Bluetooth or something?


the TV is a QE55Q70RATXXU and I'm using the black smart remote, the store originally gave me the silver metal one and that wouldn't pair so I presumed it was due to the remote, now I can't connect to this one either



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Have you tried to re-pair the remote by pressing the back and play/pause buttons together ?

Yeah that's what keeps failing, only the on/off button works with the remote, so I try pairing and it fails 

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