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Bug introduced in Firmware update (1401): subtitles are not displaying as they should

(Topic created on: 18-04-2024 03:11 AM)

I am aware this has been addressed here, but as there is no reply whatsoever from Samsung's support AND - more concerning - the recent firmware update (1409 ?!?) for QLEDs 2019 (that my TV (RU 7099) did not receive) does not fix their own caused bug!

I have written to Support. Perhaps you guys could do the same? I feel that it is not enough to post in this messageboard.

Fingers crossed this will be fixed eventually!

My text:

Hi there,

I am writing this in English so that it might be more comfortable to forward on your end:

the latest TV update of my Samsung RU 7099 that was uploaded about half a year ago, destroyed the TV's ability to properly display SUBTITLES that are included in MKV (or similar) files that are played directly on the TV (e.g. via an external USB or drive). The problem is described in your forum in great length:

To cut short, what happened with the update is this:

- a subtitle is still displayed correctly

- the problem is, that a subtitle does not disappear though. If you see a scene, someone says "yes" and then there is silence for 10 minutes in the video, the subtitle showing "yes" is still shown. It does only disappear, when a new subtitle is overwriting it.

That problem was never present in the ca. 20 years I have been using Samsung TVs and external drives to watch videos. I wonder, when this problem will be fixed.

The team have introduced a bug and I think that half a year of waiting is rrrrrrreally long. Fingers crossed you can fasten the process?

Please let me know.

Thank you!!


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You need to report issue via members app, support

Posting on this board only gives to assistance from other customers who may or may not have found a fix

Got this reply from Samsung Support 10 days ago. Asked for an update.


Von: Samsung Support <>
Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Januar 2023 14:33

Betreff: Re: TV Update causing subtitles (in mkv) bug


Please Reply Above This Line

Guten Tag,

Ihr Anliegen habe ich mir sorgfältig durchgelesen.

We will forward your request to our development department.


GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! It will be fixed. Here is a reply. It is in German, I am including a translation:

vielen Dank für Ihre Rückmeldung zu der Wiedergabe der Untertitel bei Wiedergabe von Video-Dateien über das Netzwerk oder von USB-Datenträger auf Ihrem Fernseher UE75RU7099UXZG. Bitte entschuldigen Sie, dass wir uns erst heute bei Ihnen melden können. Die Antwort auf Ihr Anliegen hole ich jetzt natürlich gerne nach. 


Wie bereits besprochen, wurde der Sachverhalt an unsere Entwicklungsabteilung gemeldet und konnte dort bereits nachgestellt werden. Dazu erhielten wir die Aussage, dass dieser Effekt, dass die Untertitel bei Wiedergabe der Video-Dateien nicht mehr ausgeblendet werden, mit einem kommenden Software-Update für die Fernseher der R-Serie 2019 behoben wird. Zu wann dieses Update für die Fernseher erscheinen wird, dazu liegt uns bedauerlicherweise keine Information vor.


Sie können gern die Testversion 1409.0 auf Ihrem Fernseher testen, welche wir für die R-Serie bereits vorliegen haben. Die Untertitel sind jedoch kein Bestandteil des Changelogs für die Datei. Sie finden die Datei hier zum Download: 

Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gern zur Verfügung.



Thank you for your feedback regarding the subtitle playback when playing video files over the network or from USB media on your UE75RU7099UXZG TV. Please accept our apologies for not being able to get back to you until today. Of course, I am now happy to provide you with an answer to your concern.

As already discussed, the issue has been reported to our development department and has already been rectified there. In addition, we received the statement that this effect, that the subtitles are no longer hidden when playing the video files, will be fixed with an upcoming software update for the R-series 2019 TVs. Unfortunately, we do not have any information on when this update for the TVs will be released.

You are welcome to test the trial version 1409.0 on your TV, which we already have for the R-series. However, the subtitles are not part of the changelog for the file. You can download the file here

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Same problem here with the 


Very annoying

I also noticed that to make them display on screen I must press the left key at least once to go back some seconds otherwise the subtitles are not displayed at first time...


Hi! Have you updated to firmware 1409 in our RU7100 model? Did it resolve the issue? I'm having the same issue as yours and wanted to update to 1409 via USB as there's no update directly on TV, the latest is 1401. I have sent an e-mail too and added links to these threads that shows the problem.


Hey, I just wanna post some update to those who watched/visited this thread. There was a software update available(Philippines) and it fixed the issue for me. Impressive if they acknowledged the issue, thanks Samsung!


Hi, sorry for the necroposting.

This happened to me too. I have a RU7100 (my region is LATAM), i've installed the version 1409 that was available at the time in the official samsung page with my exact tv model, but the problem continued.

Going forward in time, the version 1409 dissappeared from the samsung page, and was replaced with the 1406 (that fixed the subtitle bug).

The thing is, as I've updated to 1409, it was impossible for me to update to the 1406 as it have different -lower- version number.

A few days back my tv received and AUTOINSTALLED (even with the auto install OFF) the version 1420. IN this version the subtitle fix worked, it now works flawlessly BUT............ they introduced a worst bug... an audio sync bug when using s/pdif.

Now everything is out of sync, even if changing the values to achieve sync, when changing to other platform it "changes". For example: If i'm in youtube and sync it (setting 160ms from audio>expert settings), if changing to netflix, it will be out of sync, syncing it here will require me to set the ms to 180... and if I change to prime video, or USB, I need to set the latency to 220ms (before all of this, setting 120ms synced perfectly with any platform in the tv).

PD: The audio from the speakers on the tv are perfectly in sync.