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Brand NEW QE75Q75TATXXC but looks tampered with??

(Topic created on: 15-12-2020 12:29 PM)
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Hi all


So I have recently bought the above model TV sold from the official Samsung store through Amazon as a NEW product. The entire package arrived properly sealed and well packed in it's original packing as you would expect for a new product but I have noticed that the rear panel of the TV looks like it has been tampered with. Something I might expect if the unit had been refurbished. In the top right corner the plastic does not meet with the metal frame and around the rest of the display at the rear, the frame has subtle bends in it that to me, seems to be what might happen if you pry a metal frame open with a screw driver. I went to a local electronics store to compare and the unit on display was dead straight on all sides and had a tight seal as you'd expect from a unit assembled by machines. Mine is visibly different and I am not sure weather to expect foul play here or not, especially from the official manufacturer? It just feels odd. I ought to add that the picture seems fine but I am more concerned about possible warranty issues should I need it in the future and/or resale value.


Of course I could simply request an Amazon return and replace, but I am not really able to move this monster alone firstly and secondly Amazon requires me to fill out a return form and then to re-buy the same item again online. I bought this as a Black Friday deal and do not want to through with a return process, only to find that neither Amazon nor Samsung will respect the original price I paid since it's an automated process.


Any ideas or advice?

Thanks in advance


P.S. Purchased in Spain, Barcelona