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Brand new 65" 2018 Q9FN and issues with HDR


I have now been using my brand new 65" 2018 Q9FN for couple of weeks and only couple of days ago started to watch HDR content using the built in apps in the device. Almost immediately (especially when watching dark scenes of Ozark in Netflix) I noticed that there is something weird going on with every HDR content when the subtitles are enabled.


The problem is the following. Every time a subtitle appears on the screen, the device brightens up the details in the screen automatically as if it would try to automatically correct the brightness and contrast in the screen to match the bright light produced by the appearing subtitles. This is really annoying and makes watching of HDR content almost unwatchable. Non-HDR content does not have the same problem when subtitles are enabled and also if I turn off the subtitles completely the problem is gone also with HDR content. It should not however be the "fix" to just watch without subtitles as people including me do watch non-native content with subtitles.


Something I also tried to do was to set the colour of the subtitles to something else than white (currently yellow with black boxes around it) but the dynamic brightness / contrast adjustment is still there every time subtitles appear in the screen. Oh and just to be clear the latest firmware 1153 updated on 8 November.


I think there is also a similar kind of problem described in the topic linked below but I saw that discussion going nowhere so decided to open a new topic just for this problem:

"...if there's some white/bright element either from the scene, or even external (volume display, subtitles, etc.) it seems to brighten that corner of the screen and suddenly you see all this detail in the scene"


Am I alone with this issue and is Samsung doing anything to correct this? I feel like I should be returning the device because I don't feel like a satisfied customer at the moment.




No I'm talking high settings in general used flicker quite a bit on high settings and games, where the dimming would change during a single shot. This and burned in subtitles look better than they did before. Which is good because the high dimming really ups the overall contrast. Overlay subtitles are still bad.

Just to make sure people don’t make the same mistake as me.

1) Subtitle brightness as described by Pon11 ‎11-11-2018 09:17 AM is one issue.

2) Subtitle blooming as shown in pictures by Pon11 ‎11-11-2018 07:52 PM is another issue.

Having confused the 2 I kept my Samsung QLED for 3 months. Luckely some small insekts died behind the screren (black dots), and I got a replacement. With the new TV/Panel the subtitle blooming went a away.


So in my case:
Subtile blooming is a faulty panel.




Ok, and how does one tell samsung it's a faulty panel if the technicians won't see anything wrong with the TV? 


Hi All 


just signed up to the forum as I have a Q9 55" that I never had the time to even watch within the return period so I can't return it but what I and all of you can do is simply declare you won't buy anything from Samsung again. Replying to another post because I haven't sussed out how to create my own and haven't got time to re-invent the wheel.


The only reason I and my family are 100% Samsung (Phones x6 / Tablet x2/ TV'sx4) is because I am firmly against the whole principle of Apple. All it would take is for this problem, now I have seen it and it is terrible to the point of a very unpleasant viewing experience, is to move to Apple for phones and iPad and LG for TV's. I'll also stop criticising Apple users as "sheep" and will get behind the whole Apple project and convert as many Samsung users away. That will be immensely powerful as I work in the television business. It could have huge influence even just on our own purchases but if we spread the word, it will surely hit Samsung. 

It is unaceptable that they ignore the various threads on THEIR OWN FORUM?!?!? not to mention all over the internet. I won't be sad to leave because I secretly envy the whole Apple infrastructure thing I hear about. I don't read or look into anything Apple but it does seem they have something there that I'm missng out on. Samsung just doesn't have anything "joined up" to offer. Hasta la vista Samsung if you don't sort this out pronto.



I have decided I am filing for a law suit.
This is a scam from Samsung. I have more than 2 TVs and I cannot dar y anythng because all new content is HdR and it looks pitch black!
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