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Brand new 65" 2018 Q9FN and issues with HDR


I have now been using my brand new 65" 2018 Q9FN for couple of weeks and only couple of days ago started to watch HDR content using the built in apps in the device. Almost immediately (especially when watching dark scenes of Ozark in Netflix) I noticed that there is something weird going on with every HDR content when the subtitles are enabled.


The problem is the following. Every time a subtitle appears on the screen, the device brightens up the details in the screen automatically as if it would try to automatically correct the brightness and contrast in the screen to match the bright light produced by the appearing subtitles. This is really annoying and makes watching of HDR content almost unwatchable. Non-HDR content does not have the same problem when subtitles are enabled and also if I turn off the subtitles completely the problem is gone also with HDR content. It should not however be the "fix" to just watch without subtitles as people including me do watch non-native content with subtitles.


Something I also tried to do was to set the colour of the subtitles to something else than white (currently yellow with black boxes around it) but the dynamic brightness / contrast adjustment is still there every time subtitles appear in the screen. Oh and just to be clear the latest firmware 1153 updated on 8 November.


I think there is also a similar kind of problem described in the topic linked below but I saw that discussion going nowhere so decided to open a new topic just for this problem:

"...if there's some white/bright element either from the scene, or even external (volume display, subtitles, etc.) it seems to brighten that corner of the screen and suddenly you see all this detail in the scene"


Am I alone with this issue and is Samsung doing anything to correct this? I feel like I should be returning the device because I don't feel like a satisfied customer at the moment.





@samwit wrote:
Of course. But subtitles should work well with local dimming on too.

That's the point. Disabling local dimming is a fix (it's possibile, but not easy), not a solution.

The real soloution is a local dimming algorithm which doesn't process on-screen overlays, such as subtitles, with the main movie. It should be simple, but apparently is a common mistake in other vendors too. And it's almost unbelievable.


Someone give me their settings to try this out, I’m still not seeing this issue on my screen. 


Also the local dimming is AI powered from what I’ve read, there’s a substantial FW upgrade coming that includes airplay coming soon, maybe Samsung will improve it with that update? 




Harsh man, I don't know all the ins and outs. All I know is that I've never seen it improve a picture in LED tv


@Owlix wrote:

Harsh man, I don't know all the ins and outs. All I know is that I've never seen it improve a picture in LED tv

If it’s an edge lit led tv then yes local dimming can cause issues from input lag to a un uniform display so your partially right.


On a FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) display though they literally have hundreds of lighting “zones” that helps give you those deep blacks on LED tech and can give a more uniform looking display, along with prevent clouding from a display better (that was a big issue on KS9000 tv’s) although this subject is moaning about clouding / overly harsh backlight issues behind subs.




I have a FALD model and the situation with the Subs is horrendous. Hence yes, local dimming is potentially a good feature, but if I had the option between switching it off or watch the screen light up and down like a broken lamp, I'd turn it off in a heartbeat.


Someone started a petition for this matter:

Help spread the word.

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Don't see how this topic can be marked as solved as the problems still very much exist. Firmware version 1251 tried to tackle this problem but now we get a black flash in the subtitle region. This is even more annoying imo.

It seems that now (UE65NU8072, 1251) the brightness of the subtitles varies depending on the maximum brightness in the scene, so it should not brighten the image - but sometimes it looks weird. But I do not understand why the subtitles must be so glowing, if the user could choose gray as the color of the subtitles, it would solve all the problems...

It seems I am not able to re-open this again. I would suggest you to create another one if you want to make it more visible. I have been tracking the US forums myself and seen that Samsung does not even react to the forum posts so I don’t think it makes a difference really.


Them not answering is a scandal. We paid thousands of dollars or euros or whatever to get the best QLED of 2018 and we get treated like this.

This is infuriating.

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