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Brand new 55 Q9FN, terrible panel quality




I've just switched from a 49 MU7000 to a 55 Q9FN and was giddy with excitement about finally owning a top end TV. 


Unfortunately, I've either received a dud or there's an inherent problem with the tech; for HDR (and even SDR content), the screen goes /incredibly/ dark during dark scenes. We aren't talking perfect QLED blacks here; all detail is lost, UNLESS I leave a white menu screen up. 20180627_195814.jpg



 As you can see from the photos. Annoyingly, I'm also using an S9 to take the photos so it does a better job of amplifying the incoming light, but believe me when I say it's even worse than the TV is showing. I would estimate that the unlit picture is displaying at <10 nits. 


I ascribed this to either a problem with local dimming or eco mode, but modifying both of those settings made no difference. It's making using the tv for anything other than bright content unusable, and I didn't honestly expect a £3000 TV to be notably worse than a £700 TV. 


Please advise. 


P.S: Why have Samsung removed the ability to change audio languages when playing from a USB source? All of my movies are playing in Italian or Portuguese with no way to change it. 

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Thank you for your answer

I confirmed this problem is general asking the same question to other people (with q9fn or q8fn/q8dn). It seems is a problem with the local dimming algorhytm of samsung


To make it more practical; these are some videos of the same problem by Vincent Teoh (HDTVtest)


Note the residual glow AND the backlight brightness fluctuation of the WHOLE pannel when the subtitles appear


Minute 5:10

Minute 3:38



Great, so it’s a real issue, we’re all experiencing it....but has anyone reported it to Samsung directly? It doesn’t seem like anyone’s spoken to them, confirmed they’re aware of the issue or what their official response is 😑


It seems they are working in a solution in next firmware updates but I'm not sure. Any Samsung moderator could confirm this?


I won't hold my breath..


Just started Narcos Mexico and cannot see the brightness change effect with the (hardcoded) subtitles anymore.


Hey there,

Are you watching this movie from Netflix? Is it in HDR qualify




Well I watched first episode in Netflix with hdr and I still see the problem. Could you tell me your settings please? Did you have the problem before and know is solved? How?

Oh, that is interesting, I did have the issue before, yes, in Ozark for example. But I haven't tested it again with my current firmware (1153). Did you add subtitles? I was only speaking about the hardcoded ones when they speak Spanish. Do you have a timestamp where you see it clearly, so that i can compare? I use the standard picture mode, Backlight 20 in the evening, 50 at daytime. Brightness 0, Contrast 50, Sharpness 10, Colour 25, Tint 0, Digital Clean View: Auto, Auto Motion Plus: Auto, Local Dimming: Standard, Contrast Enhancer: Low, Ambient Light Detection: Off.

Hey. Thanks for your answer

I'm talking about the general subtitles . For example activate English subtitles at chapter 1 and go to minute 15:50 when they are inside the house taking. See the scene in dark room. Don't you have the problem with the brightness?

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