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Brand new 55” 4K QLED 9 series color Banding help!

(Topic created on: 21-11-2020 03:33 AM)
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So I recently switched from cable to YouTubeTV to save money. I also have Netflix, hulu and other streaming services as well. This color banding which I’ve never even heard of before now is driving me crazy. I just got this $1500 9 series and I can’t deal with this picture looking like this. What’s going on? Is it the Tv? My internet? I’ve tried to research a ton. I have internet that is fast enough. I don’t think it’s the source of content since I notice it on all platforms. I have new HDMI cables. I’ve tried using streaming services through my new Xbox series X or right through the TV and still happens. This is supposed to be a upscaling amazing TV! And when I run the video test the images are stunning. But I just can’t deal with this banding when images are dark at all. It looks so bad and drives me crazy. What’s causing it? Please help