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Bluetooth headphones connect UE43RU7470UXXU 43"


Hi someone please help me... I'm loosing my patients with setting up my dad's new TV  UE43RU7470UXXU 43"  .

He finds it difficult to hear  so he uses headphones which also preserve everyone else's ear drums as he can listen at a loud volume though his headphones and at the same time we can listen more comfortably through the TV speakers!

With his old TV he was using Thompson wireless WHP-3001BK

connected via RCA/jack cable.

I was told by Samsung support that these could not be connected to the UE43RU7470UXXU so we purchased the Bluetooth version WHP6316BT. 

I'm not entirely sure that is true? , she didn't sound very confident  


I'm really struggled  to get them to pair up and when I did I couldn't get the volume  on the headphones to increase (reading 100 on the TV but still not loud) 

And I can't figure out how to get option of volume out of both TV speakers and headphones at the same time. 


Any ideas or workrounds on these two issues? 

Would rather not have to buy a soundbar. 

Can always send the Bluetooth headphones back if there was a way to get the older headphones to work. 

 Many Thanks in advance 



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