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Blacked out half screens on newer TVs?! ACTION TIME! Samsung curved un55nu7300fxza or others.

(Topic created on: 28-12-2020 05:30 PM)

Less than a year old, contacted them during start of pandemic to no avail.  Certain states have consumer safety laws just for this type of thing. Like NJ, I saw someone actually a bunch of people reaching out to the AG. When I googled the issue without any structure, just words of how new tv screen looked. My confusion, being blamed like I must have done something..YEAH..USED IT. AS PER SAMSUNGs quality assurance,  after every troubleshooting method performed  turned to WOW OK this is a curved screen issue? The point of over spending on a tv from Walmart at that cost for Samsung to find out NO BLUETOOTh built in?! Sales people rushing being dudes have zero clue about the products, parents I wanted to donate to Walmart being rush rush when they aren’t understanding the questions are what cs should help with. The dudes don’t know I’m telling them the features by reading the plaque. A  tv for 1K or more, top of the line blacks out during the worst time ever. Lyme disease, moving is beyond excruciating. I’m a warrior and I stand up when no one does. Right is right, just falls into how everyone is quarantined with me so I read the bills, statues, the case laws. It’s not a picnic, but I see my newer tv with no Bluetooth unless I buy more adaptors  and my moms 40 inch from 2016 has Bluetooth. My dads 50 7300 has it too. They skipped just this 55 model. The  process isn’t only how the black out of half the screen, it does this glitch split screen chaos scramble from start, I’m noticing on my dads 50 inch with zero curve same thing. With the better quality brands now really stepping up, shame on Samsung to show us your company isn’t just unethical, it’s Down right cruel. The fact that Samsung manufacturers this model, I. Mean we have a ton of phones too that just go deadman. It’s astonishing, it’s charging , screen unblemished, now has no visuals yet I hear all the notification dings back to back. Problem, having allergic reaction to antibiotics after major mouth surgery. dings=dr that was advising me or trying to which happens to be my cousins wife which created a riff being I missed the appt next due to a phone that just goes ehhhh f it I quit?!  Same as tv, no one called me, I’m savy as I don’t give up. I’ll figure it out. This was so dark the tv I was having trouble adjusting settings following of course the Samsung “step by step”. Some states like NJ. Protect their people from this sort of thing. I know the GOV, including a bunch of other helpful wonderful beings. A year warranty isn’t actually a contract or an agreement we make with Samsung or Walmart, Best Buy etc. retailers selling the tv, not Samsung. Retailer never discussed any sort of contractual agreement as per the law, including Samsung’s nice little page they think will fly as a mutual agreement when they forget state by state laws differ. Consumer fraud protection laws after reading every ahhh  bill, amendments, the grey areas and what they pertain to. #CLASS ACTION TIME, I know the way, the paperwork I can submit in minutes, if we have all these same issue especially during the pandemic, samsung isn’t smart, the way of gouging costumers that expect a certain level of service, understanding, including products that aren’t blowing up, catching fire, screen blacks out half, cells that decide a few months in, ehh visuals aren’t needed. But we did say the notifications and dings coming in shows that then agreement 0f service is delivered? Wrong Samsung!

I initially was so pumped the amount of you guys On the company page verbatim describing my issue.  a ton of us I’ve watched and heard, with overall oh yeahhh! People who aren’t taking their nonsense. NJ ag? I’ll file the class action. Everyone else needs to assist. A firm will for sure take it on, being all the people aren’t being searched out like exploding Pyrex( seems many items people have zero idea that these companies are being held responsible but first finding the people is difficult as a firms. We are waiting in line, needing, asking for help. The more data of issues, and complaints from action people they can be provided with ahead of time they will have most the job done. I can set up a google sheet password protected, allowing anyone to jump in or several people at same time. Fill In the non intrusive data in short fields. Lets hold companies accountable. It’s about the change forward, people trusting in companies who do care about each of us. Clearly charging us for an issue, they sent us. Curving a flat assembled tv after it’s completed, is just like the dentist who doesn’t fill your cavities deep enough, pushing you to come back with issues they can then not be empathic or even decent, when your lifeline goes dark during the darkest days Samsung doesn’t have the right to violate us. Be the change ? That’s my life, whose In? Few -months in and I was shocked at people’s, I mean you guys same issues. They bend the curve into tv after it’s been assembled. Flat Tv + Bending the curve into it after the fact it’s ready to go= FAIL, Grossly negligent to common sense or any ethics.  No one fighting for us, no leaders, just a opportunity to allow these insane 1 year warranties  ( which don’t include this issue btw, still costs technicians who over the phone? I’m assuming being I paged them for remote help. Still waiting since Feb which they know most of us won’t let anyone in our homes during this time. This allows them to take advantage of a devastating time, the small money we had we spent on a company we put our trust in, cause they were decent once? Times UP! We pay for quality, trusting, expecting it to work. Months, weeks, under a year, a bit over a year all during a time where we are quarantined which allows Samsung’s shrewd and shameful business practices to give them an excuse why too bad, over warranty now, If your IN, this is a go! Send me a PM. WE deserve to ensure no one else goes through this. TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING