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Black Sreen on Samsung UN65JS9000 Curved TV

(Topic created on: 02-08-2021 08:33 AM)
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Hello, I have a Samsung UN65JS9000 that has a black screen and no backlights but has audio. I have been searching for a service manual for the TV but have not been able to find one for this model. If you unplug the connector from TCON board from the LED Driver Board the backlighting will come on. Also if you leave the connector from the TCON board to the LED Driver Board connected and disconnect one of the ribbon cables from the TCON board to the display, doesn't matter which one, the backlights will come on. I have replaced the TCON board without change. I am worried that I may have a bad display? Also I have notice that the Samsung DNIe chip on the Main Board gets very hot to the touch with the One Connect box connected, it is cool with it disconnected. Is this chip suppose to get hot or would this suggest a short? Or would ha bad display be suspect with above symptoms? Is there a way that I can confirm the display is bad? Or would another component be suspect? Any help or advice is much appreciate! If you can point me towards a service manual that would be great as well! Much Appreciated!!!!!