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BBC iPlayer not working on UE32ES5500K TV Smart Hub

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For a few months BBC iPlayer has not working been working on our UE32ES5500K TV Smart Hub. If we click on the Button, it just goes to a black screen. 4OD, ITV and other services are working OK. It won't let me Uninstall the app, so I can't reinstall a new version. It says its on Version 2.02603. If I try and run it from the App Store screen, it still goes to a black screen. Any suggestions?


Hi all,


Updated official TV Support page link that has a little more info/clarification on the BBC iPlayer issue here: 

Thanks for the information from dc25. Turned off the TV and did a factory reset as suggested. Works!

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Message for Samsung, all the BBC apps have stopped on the Samsung HT-E8200 Soundbar. I’ve tried the online update but states up to date. Please can you advise? 


Many thanks for this information 

After doing all the resets etc to no avail! I read your message tried it and guess what! It worked

i have a 2013 samsung smart tv modelo UE46F6500MODELO. Back in January i managed to uddate via usb the version 2127.0 and fabulous all app working better than ever. However end of Feb the bbciplayer stop working. Is there another update need or is the problem mre serious.



try update via usb the version 2127.0 find firmware update in Samsung web.
no its not its 2127
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