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BBC iplayer freezes after 30min on TV



I have a UE40JU6400. When viewing content on BBC iplayer the iplayer will run for about 30 minutes before freezing and then saying somehting is wrong and suggesting I change a setting on the TV, which has been done. I have to turn the TV off and restart it then back to iplayer. iPlayer then offers to resume and accepting this it will run for a furthe 1/2 hour and then freeze again.

It have a Manhattan freeview box which also has BBC iplayer and I have no problems watching the same content on the box. it doesn't freeze.

Both the TV and the box are directly connected (wired) to the same internet source

What would be causing the TV to freeze?


Hi @Graham_S. Our Product Specialist advised rebooting your router then changing the DNS in the TV to Google Open Source 8:8:8:8


Let me know how you get on. 


I tested for about an hour and all went well but this afternoon I only got 45mins of Paddington bear before the spinning circle.


I'm sad to hear that @Graham_S ! Would you be able to send me a picture of the message that you get when the app stops here? 


It was one I have seen before, from iplayer stating that something had gone wrong and I should check the internet connection and video quality in settings.

I think I have done this before, go to lower resolution, but I have forgotten the setting to use.


Are you able to open the app now? If so, you can choose to set HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition) as the default video quality in the BBC iPlayer settings menu.


  • Click on Settings in the app
  • Then select Video Quality
  • Choose either High Definition or Standard Definition.

It is (and has been) on standard definition

Thanks for confirming, @Graham_S. Did you try rebooting your router, and then changing the DNS in the TV to Google Open Source 8:8:8:8 when you were advised this earlier?

Yes, after doing so I tested for an hour but later it failed at about 3/4 hour

Thanks for confirming. Have you reached out to the app provider regarding this?

I have, awaiting a response.

My Manhattan box uses the same internet connection as the TV and plays through the TV and will play an iplayer program without a problem, hence my suspicion that the TV is likely to be the culprit...

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