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AU9000 Connect to PC Issue

(Topic created on: 18-09-2022 10:23 AM)
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I am trying to using my AU9000 for my PC (Windows 10) gaming but have a problem where the TV momentarily flicks off and on almost continuously. This primarily happens when a) connected to PC via HDMI and b)  my PC is generating sound, as it would when I play a game.
For sound I have the TV connected to a Yamaha receiver via an Optical cable.
There is no problem at all when I use the TV as a TV (signal from wifi and sound out via optical). It only occurs when I connect to the PC and then play music or a game on the PC.

I do have Game Mode set to On. Display is at 4K and HDR is on. Video and sound is coming from a Nvidia 1070ti GPU with most recent drivers 

I have done a soft reset (unplugged for 60 seconds) and also turn off all the power saving stuff and Mobile remote and whatever else I have come across on internet.
Any suggestions?