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Assistance with enabling Samsung TV to pause etc streaming whilst using the Amazon Prime App

(Topic created on: 15-12-2020 02:53 PM)

Some background which hopefully helps to explain my TV set up. I have a Samsung UE43MU6100 (2018 I believe). I watch TV usually through a Sky+ box. To access the smart features of the TV, I press the home button on the smart remote, which brings up on the TV screen the smart hub home screen. Then I move to the Amazon Prime app on the screen, and press the select button on the remote. 

Amazon Prime then appears and I navigate, for example, to Premier League football, select the match to watch etc etc. What I would like to do is to pause the streaming, maybe for a minute or two whilst I answer the phone, see who is at the  front door etc and come back to where I paused the football. Basically the same as I do whilst watching a TV programme through the satellite and Sky+ box. 

Please bear in mind that I am not very "up" on the terminology, but I believe I need to use some form of memory provider via the USB port on the TV. Is this so, and if so, what sort of USB stick or drive do I need to purchase ? 

Any assistance very much appreciated. Many thanks, Dave.