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Apps storage space issue

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TV: UE55 NU7500

I'm not sure whether this is a general Samsung issue or just to do with my TV, but the amount of space allocated to the Smart Hub apps seems to be seriously lacking.


As this is a new TV I thought I'd explore some of the available apps, but when I went into the Apps area I got a message saying that there was insufficient space to update apps. This was before I had downloaded anything, so it would purely apply to the pre-installed apps. 


I checked settings and the used space was 751MB with 64MB available, i.e. 7%. This seems absurd as these apps can't be deleted and are built into the system. The available space doesn't even allow them to be updated. I then tried resetting Smart Hub. This has helped to an extent as the available space is now 13%. However, it's still far too low and whenever I try and download a new app I get a warning about available space.


I can't believe that the pre-installed apps are taking around 700MB of space, and it seems crazy that Samsung would design the system this way. Presumably I will have to install an SD card to provide more space for the apps?

Any tips welcome as this is my first Samsung TV.

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Join the club! 

Don't give up, persevere and hope that they get fed up with us, to the point that they have to do a global recall of this faulty model. 

Now.. this is quite interesting.


I've installed a new app , around 6mb. The surprise is this : space used - unchanged

space free - unchanged


Just an update , tier 2 support coming today will update as soon as I know if the problem is fixed or not.

Good Luck!.

I'm still waiting for the AV team to get back to the Executive Team, so they get back to this rate the TV will be out of date....oh already was when they designed it!

Right guys, the mother has been replaced. I haven't vetured checking the app section on my settings yet. But the other issue is now resolved, the Timeshift is now working. I am 90% sure that the App's storage issue is lingers as the motherboard will still have the same BOM as the old one.


As I have a Firestick, am really not that bothered with the App storage issue, works better and faster than the Samsung version. BUT I will still keep in close contact to the CEO's representative just to make them aware that I still would like to to know the answer and also to get back to them when I notice the storage issue is happening again.

I think for the purpose of note, and if anyone from Samsung actual reads these forums (and most likely ignores all content anyway), is that this is a work around, not a fix., certainly in the case of the 2018 7 series given how widespread it is, even after people have boards replaced. All this does is delay the inevitable again.

But I also take the view that whilst a Firestick is a viable alternative, you don't pay for a TV of this ilk, to then go and use a third party device to do what it should already do out of the box and for years to come.

IMHO, I am happy to see that did an action to make me believe that they have done something. But this doesn't meant I have given up. Something done is better than nothing. 

Hi all, great news, tier 2 help has changed the motherboard and updated the TV and I have just finished setting up the TV, all working as it was six weeks ago. See attached photo free space back again :-0Hard Drive.jpg

That's incredible! I've never seen more than a few hundred megabytes free on this range, even after a mobo swap. Have Samsung cracked it?!

Oh wow


(interesting, the used space shows 1.6gb practically, vs the "old" 7xxmb)

What does the OS version level report ? (hoping that it's a software fix that could be pushed down to all of us, otherwise I wonder if if if if I will be able to get a home swap since they do from 49" and mine is a 40" 😞 )

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