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Apps storage space issue

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TV: UE55 NU7500

I'm not sure whether this is a general Samsung issue or just to do with my TV, but the amount of space allocated to the Smart Hub apps seems to be seriously lacking.


As this is a new TV I thought I'd explore some of the available apps, but when I went into the Apps area I got a message saying that there was insufficient space to update apps. This was before I had downloaded anything, so it would purely apply to the pre-installed apps. 


I checked settings and the used space was 751MB with 64MB available, i.e. 7%. This seems absurd as these apps can't be deleted and are built into the system. The available space doesn't even allow them to be updated. I then tried resetting Smart Hub. This has helped to an extent as the available space is now 13%. However, it's still far too low and whenever I try and download a new app I get a warning about available space.


I can't believe that the pre-installed apps are taking around 700MB of space, and it seems crazy that Samsung would design the system this way. Presumably I will have to install an SD card to provide more space for the apps?

Any tips welcome as this is my first Samsung TV.

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Had another call from a friendly soul this morning.  It appears when i was asked yesterday if it was okay to hard reset my TV this is what i know as a factory reset of course i said yes.

Now they have tested the set with Greek  internet setting and Apps and say the memory available is sufficient.

I said i have the location set as UK this option is available from within the menu, the set is available in the UK same spec slightly different model number. So please check it with the preferences set that i use.

I know we had one Greek guy on here and he had been refunded by retailer will try and find his post.

Any suggestions as how to phrase this with retailer on Monday for best results  Rowley 1 your good at this.



Had my TV collected for the 2nd time by the JL authorised repair company last week. Called them today and asked whats happening - they said they are writing a report and that the TV is working to specifications, not much they can do, they'll return it tomorrow.


Tried calling JL, got disconnected both times after almost an hour. This is annoying, i am almost pulling the trigger on a 55Q90R (not from JL), after this debacle reconsidering that decision. Someone please advise, what to do..


The only way they can claim that the TV is "working to specifications" is to ignore the fact that it's a smart TV, and also that it can't be updated. I'm shocked at how low JL have sunk. If they do go bust it will be richly deserved.


Now they have tested the set with Greek Internet setting and Apps and say the memory available is sufficient.


It seems this is the latest message being released by Samsung engineers.  Keep trying my UK  credit card but no one answering phones. told up to 50 min wait then cut of after 20 mins. sent emails but no reply.






Had a lovely lady from JL call who was on the ball (after some 5 hours of the JL tech  desk/sitel); she'd spoken to the tech desk, spoken to samsung, read all the notes, was clear that it was a problem that put the TV beyond economical repair.  JL you are redeemed!


She's offered a full refund of purchase price.


However. I paid with vouchers, which is how they propose to refund me.


The problem is there is literally no 50" left on the website other than LG or Hisense. Any recomendations? WHat are the LGs like?




On call with JL for 1 hour, waiting to be put to Senior manager as they said this is software issue and Samsung customers are advised to use an external drive, i am like no thats not what was sold to me, and i bought my TV from you and i will be dealing with you - you can have a chat with Samsung, but i do not want to go down the route of adding additional hardware, still on call.




They are collecting the TV on 27th July and refunding me what i paid back to my card. I am tempted by an Manufacturer Refurbished B9 OLED on eBay, same one on JL for £1098...getting a 55Q90R also for similar price....just stuck between the me



I am genuinely happy for the refunds

Dbuk - get the nanocell 8050. If the Sony was in stock, I would have said go for that one
Master - the B9 oled was the first one out. If you do buy a refurb only buy it if it has had a new panel
Monk - hang in there mate


Great to read we are finally getting refunds again after all the stalling, it helps everyone including me.

E-Shop my retailer in Greece have been promising to ring me since Friday, but no call from them.

On a positive note had an email from my Credit Card company with a Ref. number for a section 75 dispute.

Thankfully each phone call to E-Shop i followed up with an email as Card company asked for all receipts along with emails sent to retailer also links to sites such as this where the problem is known and refunds given.

Hopefully they will put pressure on retailer or if no joy a refund from them.




Morning all, just wanted add that I too got my full refund, JL came through for me! 


Tv will be picked up in a few days! 

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