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Apps on Tv

(Topic created on: 24-02-2021 11:24 PM)

Hello Samsung. It would be nice to have Hoopla app on the TVs. It's an app people use to borrow movies,, book and music from their community library in the US and Canada. When you borrow movies on it you can watch it. It available on the Android. 

Come on Samsung you basically have no contents on your TV. What good is a TV if they are no contents?

Looks at the Roku and Android they are loaded with free channels and all sort of contents. I know you will say we have Samsung Tv Plus which have nothing! Take a look at Roku and Android and let me know what you think about this Samsung Tv Plus.

The Samsung store in Canada have lots of Bulgarian contents and apps for movies, who needs that?. Good to have all various culture for sure but where are the English contents like what Roku and Android have?

When you look at the entire package of a Samsung Tv it scores very low because of their contents, nothing good in their app store, want a Tv with contents then you're better off with a Roku or Android TV. This is my last Samsung until they comes up with something better. 

I remember the days when Samsung shows all video formats and Sony didn't now Sony have it all from HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby audio, DTS, ANDROID (this is a Samsung killer), their picture are always good and now they have better price than Samsung and have more ports and inputs with comparable Tvs. 

Samsung reminds me of BlackBerry, who remember that company? the best smart phones but then they became complacent and that was the end of them, you can't sleep at the wheel SAMSUNG!!, ah another thing Samsung is very slow with updates and after a year sorry my friends no more updates.

Come on Samsung I have spoken!

Samsung Members Star ★★

Thank you for your  input @tester2020  and maybe Samsung will take it on Board.  Whilst Samsung do not have as many Tv apps as some manufacturers which can disappoint others generally  find it sufficient for their needs.  This is actually the  UK site on the European communities, a bit about  Hoopla here- agree if would be good if Samsung had this. 


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