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Apple TV Subscription (included!)

(Topic created on: 24-07-2023 12:14 PM)
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Just an FYI regarding Apple TV on the Samsung as this is a bit of a rant but I purchased Samsung the Frame over 6 months ago and not long has it been in use and got it setup due to house renovation. I then purchased an LG TV for the bedroom and it came with 3 months Apple TV and Music via redeemable voucher which lasts for 12 months. Great! - I activated the voucher but when I signed in on the Samsung Frame, it said that it too comes with 3 months Apple TV which is not redeemable via voucher or code, just adds to the account when you sign in.

There was no word of the Samsung coming with Apple TV subscription, nothing on the order, nothing via promotion on the box, on the TV etc. Which is extremely irritating as I have now effectively lost 3 months Apple TV subscription as Apple does not permit 2 offer or redemption's at the same time.

Check the Apple TV app on the device before you redeem any vouchers would be my advice... 😑