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Apple TV app or Samsung screen sharing app for older Samsung Smart TV?

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I have an older model Samsung smart TV (40" 6350 -- complete model #UN40H6350AFXZA). I have a free year of Apple TV but the Apple TV app is not supported on my TV. I downloaded the "SmartThings" app thinking I could screen share the Apple app from my phone to my tv but it isn't supported either on my model of TV. Is there an older app I can use that will let me screen share the Apple TV app from my phone to my TV?

Note: I don't want to watch shows on my phone or my computer -- I want to watch them on my television.


Thanks in advance for any help.


I found the user manual online which goes through the steps of mirroring so hopefully this solves your issue:-
Alternatively if this doesn't I would purchase a media streaming box, Amazon Firestick, Roku etc as you can then download the Apple TV+ app and stream from that.


Thanks so much for the help. I'll see what the manual says and hopefully it will work. I have a free year of Apple TV and I'd hate for it to go to waste simply because of compatibility issues.

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