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Apple TV App not available


I have two 7100 models and both have the new Apple TV app. However my higher model 7120 cannot find the Apple TV app. The firmware is 1252, right up to date. Will it be made available for the 7120?


Hi @arda-4 and @Ritch1 


The latest update is not available OTA (over the air), just yet, but you can download it from the Samsung website here to transfer to your TV via USB.


Hope this helps.

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Should this have the Apple App? I’ve installed it but it doesn’t look any different


I've installed it as well, but unfortunately no AirPlay 2 in this version.


Atv app  available on the 7120 now. No airplay though. 


Latest firmware version 1260.8 installed last week. Apple TV app available, but there is still no AirPlay2. Is there any information about this feautre? A new firmware is coming again? Thanks!


Came across this on the Samsung website


Apple TV compatible Samsung TVs

2019 QLED 8K Q900R and 2019 Serif TV

2019 QLED 4K Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, Q7DR, Q60R, and Q6DR

2019 & 2018 Frame TV LS03R/LS03N

2019 4K UHD TV RU8000, RU800D, RU740D, RU7300, RU730D, RU7100, and RU710D

2018 QLED 4K Q9FN, Q8FN, Q7CN, Q7FN, Q75FN, Q6FN, and Q65FN

2018 4K UHD TV NU8500, NU8000, NU740D, NU7300, NU7200, NU7100, NU710D, and NU6070

2018 Smart Full HDTV N5300


Note:2018 4K UHD TV NU6950, NU6900, NU6900B, and NU6080 will be added later this year.

hi i have Q80R model tv buy this tv new i updated frame-ware but apple tv not appearing on my tv my tv full model number is this QE55Q80RAUXRU

Hi i live in ireland and have a UE65KS8000TXXU 55'' Tv and the apple tv app is not available yet can you tell me when this will be coming to my tv. 


Hi @Glen90. The Apple TV app is currently only scheduled for selected 2018 and 2019 TV's. 


any news on the AIRPLAY 2 or airplay working at all for that matter?


i have the Samsung UE40NU7120

with the latest firmware (1270)


Apple TV is there and works fine however AIRPLAY does not


i have the latest IOS on my iphone XS




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