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Anynet not working on Samsung UE49MU6400 4K TV.

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Purchased a Samsung UE49MU 6400 a couple of months back. Last week purchased a Samsung 4K upscaling BluRay player. When connected to the TV it's not connecting using Anynet. Tested on another older Samsung TV and works a dream. So it's got to be a problem with UE49MU6400. I'm reading this may have been broken by Samsung and a firmware update? Is this true? Anyone know how we can get it fixed? Don't suggest ring Samsung as that doesn't work. The techs deny there is a fault.


i have a 40MU6400 and my firestick has also stoped been able to be controlled by the all in one smart remote. it also doesnt detect it as a firestick. I'm wondering if that is also caused by an issue with anynet. When i first set up the tv everything was detected and worked perfectly but at soem point over the past few months its stoped working. I alos noted that the voice search for channels isnt working either. It seems a software update somewhere down the line.

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