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ambient mode on tv

(Topic created on: 13-11-2020 10:43 AM)
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So after having some problems with error reports when trying to select my own photos. My phone and TV finally worked together and I could see the photos I had selected. However I am very disappointed in this feature for a few reasons. 1. I cannot select my photos and then change the view which is very annoying when u add the max of 50 photos. I seem to have to choose a different view I.e mono or gallery and then have to select all the photos again. 2. When I saw my photos on the TV they had been stretched to the point of blurring and the most important parts of the photo being cut off. 3. The idea is grt but very limiting. There should be a way to set photo collection so that you can click the collection you want to view and then be able to change the view or back ground. Like I said really nice idea but I've seen digital photo frames work better.