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Ambient mode - edit wallpaper

(Topic created on: 13-04-2021 03:34 PM)
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I’ve got a Q85R TV, when I first got it I set up the ambient mode wallpaper with my wallpaper in the background, but made the mistake of putting furniture around the TV before I set this up, so I had to set it up based on a small patch of wallpaper that was still blank.

there was the facility to do this and use some effects to smudge parts of the pattern and make things match as best as possible.

I was never best pleased with the job I did on this, so I’ve just gone in today to have another go, but the smart things app seems to have changed considerably. I’ve been able to reconnect the TV and take a photo of it, but it’s trying to construct the background with all the clutter on the wall behind it, it’s not allowing me to take a photo of just part of the wall and edit it like I did before.

had this functionality been removed, or am I just being really blind and not being able to see it?