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Always start 'The Frame' in Art mode

(Topic created on: 28-10-2020 05:51 PM)

Proud owner of a Samsung The Frame 32 inch.
This version does not have a motion sensor to automatically switch on art mode.

I am looking for the option to have the TV start up in art mode at all times, regardless of what i was doing when i turned the tv off.

At this moment the TV starts in TV mode by default and can only be switched to art mode by pressing the power button on the remote control again.

John Sullivan

Is this community space monitored by Samsung at all? I'd also really like to know how to do this and get absolutely nowhere when speaking to Samsung support on the phone

First Poster

I too do not understand at all how this is something that can't be done.  It only allows you to auto start on Home, Last App or Samsung TV.  When the entire premise of this tv is that it looks like art when not in use as a TV I cannot fathom why Auto Start in Art Mode is not an option????  Not even in smart things when I create a routine to start it an hour after daylight does it give me an option to start in Art Mode.  This is such a fail on the part of the UX designer.  I mean fine.  You decided the 32" should not have the functionality of larger versions by building it without a motion sensor (WTF) but at the very least let us choose ART MODE as a start option.   Could be the dumbest smart tv ever.  LOL