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All 4 content problem

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We are having a problem with the All4 app on our Samsung TV. After every advert break the end of programme screen comes up. The only options available are to return to home or select related programmes. The episode audio continues to play in the background but this screen continues to display no matter how long we wait. The only option is to exit and go to My4 and resume from there. I have reinstalled the app, logged out and back in, tried to update the app and reset Smarthub. None of this have solved this infuriating problem. Any ideas of how to solve this? Cheers everyone. 


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I also have the same problem for some time, so I don't believe it is anything to do with your set up.

I have contacted all4 and hey admit they have a problem with all4 working on Samsung. In theory they are working on it, but I don't see any improvement. 


I would have hoped all4 and Samsung would work together on such issues as it would clearly benefit both. The other option for all4 would be to use the programmers who wrote my5, as it seem to work perfectly!


I suppose the truth is, this isall4's problem. I would suggest contacting them to add to the pressure.


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