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All 4 app stopped working on Smart TV




All 4 app has stop working via Smart Hub.


The app seems to start but then gets stuck on the loading page


Model Number: UE48H6670.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Didn't work for me.  Called Samsung.  They tried to take over remotely.  Wouldn't work.  They told me to try and update firmware.  Wouldn't update.  Told me to download update data online vis USB.  Did so, didn't work.  My TV is less that 2 months old.  Can't use the apps.


In Samsung UE40H7000 many users are getting different types of issues after their ERP updates. This is I think because of the update bug. And after contacting customer support they said that after new update installation the problem is no more. So if you try any software then I suggest never use. Because it will be recovered automatically after you complete the next update. That's IT.


Where do I find hub page? 


Trying to download all channel apps to tv not all will download 


I have moved to Germany for a short while, but wanted to keep my apps from The Netherlands on my Samsung Smart TV. Apps were we as customers with log-in could follow Dutch TV and Pathé cinema.

When resetting the Smart Hub due to an update the TV "sensed" via the LAN and Internet Router that I am in Germany, and all apps where gone that we normally use.

I looked for solutions on Samsung, Google and You Tube. I looked for VPN in Router solutions, using VPN software or installing VPN software on the router. Nothing helped!


The solution was actually simple: Go to the problem again and look at it! When the Smart TV after a factory reset asks for Internet via CABLE or WIFI, I used the cable (LAN) of course for max speed. This forces the Smart Hub to use the national rules and guidelines of that country (Germany) providing the Internet.

Solution: Use your phone (mine is IPhone 11Pro) with a VPN software (mine is Norton VPN). Disconnect WiFi and Bluetooth, use 4G/5G and direct the VPN to the country of choice (The Netherlands). 
Then RESET the Smart TV, when prompted for type of internet use WIFI (log in to your phone hotspot with VPN) and continue. All apps of that country are now available.

When all set then go to settings on the Smart TV and direct the Internet back to CABLE (LAN), which means the internet connection is via the router but all settings remain.


Nice one Brian


Some Customers who still have trouble with All4 may wish to see if there is a firmware update first  as well as trying Smart Hub/Factory Reset /Reinstalling appn and Rebooting router.     Certainly if still problems the fix  provided by @Brian35 is a good idea but not everyone will wish to use a VPN .

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