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All 4 app stopped working on Smart TV




All 4 app has stop working via Smart Hub.


The app seems to start but then gets stuck on the loading page


Model Number: UE48H6670.


Any help would be appreciated.

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How long does the hub take to update? 



contact Samsung Support via e-chat, problem solved in a few seconds

Your post is quite old by now, but still saved my day!



@Juetheblue wrote:

Just tried this but it's not worked for me 😞

Just tried this and it hasn't worked for me. Is there another work around? Very frustrating as can get BBC iplayer but not itv or ch4.


I been trying to get these apps back for a long time  just doscovered  if you delete  all history  they should all come back worked for me



I continually am unable to access my Hulu app. I can access Amazon Prime and Netflix but not Hulu. I have twice reset the hub and reentered user ids and passwords for all apps. God what a hassle. It works for a day or so and then the same problem reoccurs. I have a 55 inch Samsung 6 series TV. What am I doing wrong?


I started having this issue as well last week! I have to reset the Smarthub every two days in order for any of my other apps to work besides Netflix and Amazon. I know anything older than the 6 series would not work with the current Hulu app and have never had any issues (other than shows being out of sync with dialogue) until now. Maybe series 6 has now become out of date for some of these apps? 


Hi, I have the same problem. Every two days I have to reset smart hub and reinstall all apps. Moreover, the app "apps" doesn't work either. I hope Samsung resolves this bug.


My reset smart hub is not enabled 

any ideas anyone ?

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