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All 4 app stopped working on Smart TV




All 4 app has stop working via Smart Hub.


The app seems to start but then gets stuck on the loading page


Model Number: UE48H6670.


Any help would be appreciated.

Fuzzy Wuzzy
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Suggested solution worked first time and only took a few minutes. All 4 is all good now. Thanks


That's excellent ☺

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I've reset my Smarthub three times now. It connects to Ch4 just as you set the hub up, but if you try to connect to it on a later occasion it just hangs.


Excellent? I've given up trying now.... If I want to watch All4 I go upstairs and watch on an old Sony TV on my Humix box........ So much for a 'smart TV' ..........

Yes, did all this and it still doesn't work. Been working fine for last couple of years, but now won't load. Reading some of the comments about Channel 4OD I've been lucky to have had decent service for so long. Have now resorted to casting from my laptop. Not ideal!

Note, all other apps work, and internet connection is excellent, so there's something amiss somewhere. Any other quick solutions? My totally non-techy partner loves being able to use the apps. Mention casting and her eyes glaze over!
So all round to yours then. Do we bring a bottle?

Absurd, ain't it?
Thank you so much. At last I have been able to watch All 4 without any pauses. You even told me what pin to use which I wouldn't have known. I'm very grateful as I thoroughly enjoy watching the Walter Presents series. You have made my day!!

Judy R

I have the same problem - great internet connection and all other Apps are fine.  But All 4 nearly always hangs up on the "paid for by advertising" screen when I try to use it.


Resetting the TV does work at first - but the problem soon comes back a few days later. And the firmware says no updates required - all up to date.  


So so what can we do Samsung?


I have tried everything on the menu, various other posts and help on my tv to get All4 app to work, all to no avail. It works on my iPad and Amazon firetv stick on my kitchen tv. So why can’t it work on my UE48HU7500T Samsung TV. PLEASE HELP.

i am not impressed by the apps that come with it apart from the tv and video apps. Amazon and Netflix apps are fine. The Browser is utter rubbish as far as I can see! Can anyone tell me what use it is? If I can get All4 working again I’ll be happy!


I fixed mine by going into smart menu and then deleting my all 4 app and then reloading it and it then worked  ok.  Cant see whynthis was allowed to happen?????

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