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All 4 app crashes after ads

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My TV is LT32E39OS and software version T-HKMFDEUC-1501.3


I am having problems with the All 4 app. It crashes after ads, as it skips to the end after the second advert is played every time. I' ve noticed that All 4 app updated on 21/08 which was when the crashes started


I tried to update smart hub, reset smart hub and reset tv to factory version but nothing worked. 


Please can anyone help? 


Many thanks!!

  • Please ensure your firmware is up to date. Manually updating the firmware   i.e. go onto the Samsung website, find the latest file, download onto USB is the best way to check this. Automatic updates do not find the most recent firmware sometimes, and so out of date versions can cause issues. 
  • Reset the smart hub from your TV settings. To do this go to Go to settings  > Go to support  > Go to Self Diagnosis  > Select Reset  Smart Hub. (Please note this will update all apps on your TV and you may have to log in on other services again).
  • Please ensure you have the most up to date version of the All4 app installed ? this can be found on the Help & info section on your TV.
  • Reboot your television set and Internet modem, by powering them down for 60 seconds and switching them back on.

Pretty annoying set of steps, TBH.. especially them saying you have to reset the Smart Hub, which then requires you to log into every app again. Theirs is one of the worst tho.. that onscreen keyboard for logging in is sooooooo tedious!



update all4 app is not fixed


1 getting black screen when i play anything on my watch list unless i play something that isnt on my watch list  before hand

2. sound still skips after certain ads   




no its not

Watch All4 on a Firestick. , perfect. But of course Ridiculous situation
Amazing. Been looking for a way to sort this for ages and thought I was going mad! Like magic it worked. Not sure why but not complaining.
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