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All 4 app crashes after ads

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My TV is LT32E39OS and software version T-HKMFDEUC-1501.3


I am having problems with the All 4 app. It crashes after ads, as it skips to the end after the second advert is played every time. I' ve noticed that All 4 app updated on 21/08 which was when the crashes started


I tried to update smart hub, reset smart hub and reset tv to factory version but nothing worked. 


Please can anyone help? 


Many thanks!!

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I have the same problem.  All4 crashes not just through the ads, which sometimes take about half an hour to stop and start, but also during the films.  What can I do to stop these pauses?

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This is still the case even with a current, updated, QLED 2018 model. Pretty disappointing that neither All 4 nor the Plex app actually work.


I contacted Samsung support about this. They asked me to factory reset everything. There was also a newer firmware for my TV that was NOT appearing on the update-over-the-internet option. However, none of it made any difference, and they've stopped emailing me.


Looks like these TVs are all just pretty broken (no auto update, no All 4, no Plex, no scheduled recording when TV is off...)


Followed this suggestion and then pressed resume on the Brazilian Grand Prix , you've guessed it after the next advert break that was before the line up lap the sound lag was back in full force. I can't see that A need to reset dns settings after each advert as being a solution to this problem.


Irony of all ironies the all4 app plays the adverts without any sound lag issues. I bet the advertisement sponsor are pleased about that but obviously they'll be bitterly disappointed that no one is using the All4 app😡


I have exactly the same problem , the only way I’ve managed to continue watching after Ad breaks is  Home button . Back to Live TV , then Home along to All4  then Resume . 

Hassle but works . Update soon PLEASE 


The Solution. 

 Use All4 on the Firestick ........Perfect . Samsung. Get your act together.  Fire sticks are £29.95 

 my Samsung £1000+  . A ridiculous flaw which surely between Samsung and All4 app developer can address. 


this is the official reply from channel 4 






Channel 4 emailed me today saying;


We would advise that we have since released a new All 4 update for Samsung TV that should resolve some of the issues you were experiencing previously. We would recommend you follow the previously advised troubleshooting once again, to ensure All 4 is fully optimised on your Samsung TV.


So that's what I'll be trying tonight :smiling-face:

yeah before i couldint resume watching without a crash so i think its must be fixed now not fully tested so i  will watch something and report back out of interest what were the  "previously advised troubleshooting " steps ?


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