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Ads in menu UI

(Topic created on: 25/01/21 16:58)

I'm very frustrated with Samsung. I payed over 2000 euro for a Frame TV and it contains ads in the main part of the UI! You should clearly have mentioned your UI contained ads, because I wouldn't even have considered buying this product.


Imagine Microsoft or Apple placing ads on your desktop or in the start menu. The world would revolt.


I complained to customer care, and I got a default template response: that this a feature that helps the user, but excuse my french but that's just total BS! Companies pay Samsung to run an ad campaign, so these are ads! Nothing more, nothing less.


What they also told me that nothing can be done about it. It seems that Samsung forgot that they have the option to push updates.


For the sake of your own customers; push a software update that disables this functionality. This is outrageous.


This will be my last Samsung product I will ever buy.