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8K TV up scaling on QE65QN700ATXXU

(Topic created on: 23-02-2022 08:54 PM)
First Poster

I’m struggling to find info on this online, I’ve bought an 8K TV and I can clearly see that Netflix and Prime are upscaled when watching them via the TV (even though it doesn’t tell me the resolution I can see its been upscaled (which is really annoying!))

But whatever I plug into HDMI 4 (the 2.1 port) it won’t upscale it - so far I’ve tried 4K blu-ray player, AppleTV, Xbox and Sky TV, none of them has worked (before anyone asks I’m definitely using a 2.1 8K HDMI cable, I’ve even ordered another one to be sure its not the cable).  Given that Samsung advertises it as ‘From old favourites to new releases, enjoy all your content upscaled to glorious 8K resolution’ I’m a little bit miffed that it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.  I spoke to Samsung support before the line went dead (and when I tried to call back they’re now closed for the day!) - they said that it won’t upscale a 4K blu-ray player to 8K.  Which I was a bit surprised at given that the old 4K Panasonic and our 4K Sony does upscale HD to 4K.

Question is this - does anyone know what the 8K TVs will and won’t upscale as I’m confused.  At the minute it’s borderline going back on the grounds of false advertising as it clearly doesn’t upscale everything to 8K!