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8K Q900R. One connect box swapping HDMI 2.1

(Topic created on: 15-05-2019 11:30 AM)

Have they started shipping the one connect boxes over yet from 2.0 to HDMI 2.1 ?

Cant get anything from the Indian call centre staff not one of them understands what I am asking them.

Absolutley useless for a new customer asking any questions as they do not know the products.

He kept saying on phone 60 frame per minute, then he said running in 60p -- shows you how ill informed they or on products, rang 5 different times and not one can answer my question.


does anyone who owns one of the Q900R 8Ktvs could give me an insight into them, has there been any problems, good and bad points?

be as honest as you can.

Also has anyone had the chance to see a 4k tv and an 8tv side by side and if so is the comparison noticable.?

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Thank you. I got a 4” fan with a HDMI plug and had it blowing on my vents in back of TV and that solved my heat issue dramatically. Had i done this when i first got TV set up Q900 series 55” I would not have had to replace it with a Q800 series. The fan also made the box much cooler too just by cooling the TV. Make sure fan blows on vents! Fan cuts off about 30 seconds after I turned TV off….delayed cut off power on HDMI port on TV. Good luck. Nice TV made by Samsung if it did not run so hot… screen felt like my heating pad on high before I got fan… fan ordered from amazon be sure you get HDMI connection Good Luck


New 1320.4 version software is avaible for Q900R... What's new ??


Attention, when mentioning "Q900R" you are actually referring to the Q900RB 2020-model that received 1320.4 a long time ago (July 2020) while the latest version is 2014.1 from June 2021.

The original Q900R aka Q900RA from 2019 is on 1387.1 - September 2021.


changelog 2019 QLED TVs including the Q900R (EU-model number) or Q900RA (US-model number):

Update version 1387.1 - September 2021

eARC for 4K and 8K QLED TVs!
A bug with the eco sensor has been fixed.

Samsung Q900 TV (GQ65Q900RGT) mit neuer OneConnect-Box (HDMI 2.1) und Soundbar HW-Q90R, die per HDMI über eARC angebunden ist.

Model Q900RAT.,16.09.2021 relese 1320.4 version software,see nothing new..

1387.1 ???? no..

2014.1 ???? no..

Cant find those versions what you mention,only from 16.09.2021 (1320.4) !

You wanna say Q900RAT (8K) get eARC ????



I tested the lasted firmware 1392.0 that was released on 2021-DEC-14
Some websites said that 1387.1 added the eARC support. No luck at all 😞

My TV is Q900RB year2019 (2nd gen) 8K with HDMI2.1 supported on OCB natively.
My Soundbar is Q950A year2021.

There is no possible eARC connection to the soundbar even using a certified short-length HDMI2.1 cable. Very disappointed.

Samsung cant make Q90R/Q900R 2019 & 2018 series to support eARC features as they advertised/promised. (Q900RA is 2018, Q900RB is 2019, ...)

(to keep high-quality multi-speaker sound beyond very limited bitrate via Optic/Bluetooth into HDMI that supports Dolby Atmos & DTS pass-through to any soundbar)

In technical terms, I did some research and found that it depends not only on firmware but also on the physical hardware limitation, as the actual bandwidth of the dedicated HDMI port cannot reach the standard of HDMI 2.1 that eARC requires.

Some users with 2020 & 2021 TV that support eARC may find the instability of eARC connection to the soundbar. Most of the cause is that HDMI cable that can sustain the total bandwidth of HDMI 2.1 is very rare, and most of them can't handle the signal longer than 4 meters by copper wire technology. Possible by fiber optic HDMI cable.

eARC consumes only a tiny bandwidth portion but requires the HDMI chain's cable & transmitter & receiver to work on HDMI2.1 mode to activate it. Otherwise, it will roll back to the typical ARC on HDMI1.4-2.0 mode that doesn't support Dolby Atmos.

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