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82" RU8000 + HW-Q900T No picture

(Topic created on: 17-12-2020 05:15 PM)
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I have the RU8005 tv and I just got the HW-Q900T soundbar. Hdmi 1 Nintendo Switch. Hdmi 2 PC. Hdmi 3 Playstation 5. Hdmi 4 (arc) soundbar.


Before I connected the soundbar I had both picture and sound and never had a problem. But now when the soundbar is connected I dont always get picture ont the devices connected to hdmi ports. I get the sound on the soundbar.


This happens with all my connected devices. So it seems like the soundbar is interfering with the picture sometimes. It all worked before. When I dont get picture, I longpress the on/off button to soft reset the tv and then I get picture. 


It cant be the hdmi cabels, because it happen with all the devices and all my cabels ar all new and hdmi 2.0 certified.


What to do? Any setting i need to change? I tried hard reset on both tv and soundbar. But no change.