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75" QN90B Gaming Hub and sound Issue.

(Topic created on: 24-05-2023 08:56 PM)
First Poster

Hi guys. I have the 75" QN90b running the latest 1448.1 firmware and I'm having an issue with the gaming hub and the sound. The gaming hub is the first thing to load every time I turn the tv on. I have tried turning gaming mode on, off, and to auto. I have tried toggling on and off the various start screen options. Nothing seems to work. the TV continues to boot up to the gaming hub instead of the media home screen like it should. I do have a PS5 connected to the TV but I do not have the CEC option turned on in the PS5, the TV does have CEC turned on for my soundbar. Now to the game sound issue, the TV automatically switched sound modes to game when playing a game but does not switch back to adaptive sound when exiting a game, gaming hub and going back to other media (Movies, youtube, etc.). Both of these issue seem, to me anyway, to be linked together as they are both a gaming(Hub) issue. Is anyone else having issues like this? Any ideas?